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Liberty Gold and Silver LLC
, in partnership with Transcontinental Depository Services LLC (TDS), is pleased to offer international segregated precious metals storage.
This partnership offers a complete segregated storage program for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins, utilizing the highest level of security, insurance protection, and account management found anywhere.
Offshore Vault Storage
The creation of this storage program has been in response to a vast interest in and increasing demand for precious metals international storage diversification. As the economic and political situations in the United States continue to deteriorate, there is growing recognition by astute investors for the necessity of wealth protection by positioning a portion of their financial assets in a secure offshore environment.
Our partner, TDS, is a full service depository, offering unparalleled security, service, and physical access to your holdings. Your precious metals are held in custody on a fully insured basis, while at the same time providing you with the flexibility and convenience you need. Your deposits are held and guarded by the most reputable security companies in the world. Special features of the TDS storage program are as follows:

Detailed Reporting – Customers receive monthly statements of holdings detailing balances and metal movements. You can view your account online so you always have up to the minute details of your holdings.

Reliable Accounting – Records of each account are meticulously maintained by TDS. In addition, accounts are subjected to random auditing by KPMG, LLP, one of the foremost national independent accounting firms.

Double Insurance Protection – Not only are your assets held in a high security depository and insured by the depository, they are also insured independently by TDS against physical loss, damage or theft.

Professional Auditing – All inventory is double audited by TDS’s secured carriers as well as independent auditing firm, KPMG, LLP.

Competitive Pricing – TDS actively manages its ongoing costs and has structured its storage program to offer good value for its customers.

Segregated Storage – Every customer's precious metals are fully allocated and kept completely separate inside the vault.

Complete Confidentiality – Each customer's account is completely confidential and TDS maintains strict privacy policies.

Free Shipping and Insurance on Most Deliveries – When you buy from Liberty Gold and Silver and store your precious metals with TDS Vaults, there is free shipping and insurance on all standard orders. (Please contact one of our representatives for shipping and insurance details.)

No Import Duties or Customs Charges – Your precious metals are received in your own segregated storage locker exempt from various import duties and customs fees.

To learn more about the details of our off shore storage program,
please contact a Liberty Gold and Silver representative at 888–751–3330.

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