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Common Questions about Gold and Silver


What is the definition of a precious metal?

Answer:  Precious metals are those raw elements which, compared to common metal elements such as iron, are extremely rare and expensive to locate, mine, and refine. For investment purposes, we regard “precious metals” as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.The three most recognized forms in which precious metals are sold are coins, rounds, and bars.


What is bullion?

Answer:  Bullion is a synonym for precious metals sold in bars and rounds.


How will owning gold and silver protect me financially during financial crises?

Answer:  Many astute experts in the fields of economics, banking, currency trading and valuation, and survival preparation strongly believe that a debt laden financial and monetary crisis looms on the horizon for the United States and the world. When this financial chaos occurs, there stands a very real chance of a banking system failure and collapse of currency value. Under such conditions, all access to bank accounts, ATM withdrawals, and money market funds could well be suspended for an undetermined duration, leaving people with no means to participate in daily financial affairs such as the purchase of food and paying bills. If and when such circumstances arise, those people who have had the foresight to accumulate precious metals will be the few who possess the storehouse of wealth (outside the conventional dollar based economy) to be able to barter and trade for necessary goods and services.

Those Americans, moreover, who have personal income, wealth, and a desire to maintain their level of financial security, stability, and most importantly, their family and loved ones, can absolutely not risk being blindsided in a banking and monetary crisis without owning a combination of gold and silver coins and bullion. You, as a potential customer of Liberty Gold and Silver, should be buying from us because you wish to be prepared for all eventualities.



Why should I buy gold and silver as opposed to other assets?

Answer:  We should state up front that gold and silver do not pay dividends or interest in the traditional sense as do bank deposits or equities. However, precious metals do offer wealth security and excellent capital appreciation for a number of important reasons. They are:

A. A superior storehouse of value weighed against inflation. Gold and silver have traditionally performed as the very best hedge against price inflation and currency devaluation.

B. A superior diversification and liquidity in a traditional investment portfolio weighted down with declining paper assets and illiquid real estate equity.

C. Instant liquidity. All precious metals products marketed by Liberty Gold and Silver LLC are readily convertible on demand in all national and international markets.

D. GOLD AND SILVER ARE REAL MONEY. Throughout history, gold and silver have always been naturally regarded as true money. Literally hundreds of paper currencies have come and gone whereas gold and silver have endured. When paper currencies fail, as they eventually do, gold and silver once again become the standard for monetary valuation.

E. Highly desired. The demand for gold and silver has been skyrocketing around the world for the most of the 2000s. The central banks of various nations (Russia, China, India, to name but a few) have recently gone public with large gold purchases dramatically forcing up world demand.

F. Superior capital appreciation unrivaled in this century. Since 2001, both gold and silver have enjoyed over a 500% appreciation, far surpassing the capital appreciation of equities, bonds, and real estate. Precious metals have been the best performing asset class this century. No investment has outperformed gold and silver in this decade.


What is the forecast for gold and silver?

Answer:  Without seeming biased, we at Liberty Gold and Silver believe that precious metals currently could be less than half way through a long bull market. Prior to the recent highs enjoyed by gold and silver, these two metals reached their previous highs of $850 and $50 per ounce, respectively, in 1980. Adjusted for inflation, gold, to be even with its 1980 price, would have to be in excess of $2,300 per ounce and silver would have to trade for more than $130 per ounce!

While we certainly cannot make any formal predictions for specific future price evaluations, we nevertheless feel that the rampaging debt fueled spending of the US government coupled with its escalating printing of ever more worthless US dollars (now into the trillions per year), can only drive the price of gold and silver to new highs.


What kind of gold and silver should I buy?

Answer:  Liberty Gold and Silver recommends at least half your purchase of precious metals to be in small sized denominations. For silver purchases we recommend one ounce rounds, ten ounce bars, and American Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maple Leafs. We join with the original gold and silver guru, Howard Ruff, in advising our clients to purchase at least one $1,000 face value bag of pre-1965 American coins (dimes, quarters, and halves) for each family member. The value of the silver (715 ounces per bag) will appreciate the same as all silver but will offer small denomination divisibility for various purchases required in an economic emergency.

For larger purchases, we recommend American Gold Eagles and the classic Canadian Maple Leaf as they are easily recognizable world wide.

As a general rule, large bars of gold (i.e., the one kilo Johnson-Matthey gold bar – 32.15 ounces) or silver (one hundred ounce bars – various mints), sell at the lowest mark-up above the spot price. Ten ounce and one ounce bullion bars in both metals have a higher premium over spot with all forms of coins having the highest above spot markup.


Are my purchases reported to anyone?

Answer:  There is no reporting of purchase transactions to any government agency other than cash purchases by a single individual that in total exceed $10,000 in a single calendar year.

Furthermore, all transactions are held in strict privacy under the State of Oregon and federal laws. Liberty Gold and Silver NEVER releases any customer information for any reason to any private or public entities whatsoever!


How do I take possession of my precious metals?

Answer:  At Liberty Gold and Silver, we strongly encourage out clients to take PERSONAL POSSESSION OF YOUR PRECIOUS METALS PURCHASES. We strongly encourage you to NOT leave your precious metals out of your immediate and easily accessible control. Your precious metals will be of little use to you in an emergency if you do not have ready access to them. For that and other reasons, we do not recommend using safety deposit boxes at your bank to store your gold, silver, and platinum.

For extremely large purchases or those purchases involving a self-directed IRA retirement plan, we strongly encourage you to use a non-bank, secured, segregated funds depository. Such depositories are not subject to asset seizure under banking emergency legislation. Our staff will be happy to provide you with the names of several well established private depositories from which to choose.



Why do prices displayed on the Liberty Gold and Silver website sometimes differ from prices quoted on the telephone by a Liberty Gold and Silver sales representative?

Answer:  Prices quoted over the phone are the prevailing prices at that moment. The prices shown on our website may lag by several minutes. All telephone sales quotes reflect the latest live market price action.


Why is the “spot price” of precious metals (as displayed on your site) nearly always less than the individual gold, silver, platinum, and palladium product prices?

Answer:  The spot price for any precious metal is the worldwide price for direct cash sales of large quantities of bullion. The major spot markets are in London, New York, Zurich, and China. Spot markets trade in units of considerable size. Normally, “spot price sales” are restricted to a minimum of one half million dollars. These restrictions mean that relatively few very large buyers ever participate directly in the gold and silver spot markets. Nearly without exception, all smaller quantities of coin or bullion (usually under a million dollars per transaction size) sell at a mark-up above the spot price.


Does Liberty Gold and Silver charge a commission on trades?

Answer:  No. The price we quote per order is all you pay.

Ordering and Shipping

Please thoroughly read and review our Ordering & Shipping Policy page.


How are your metals orders shipped?

Answer:  We ship by either United States Postal Service Insured Registered Mail, insured UPS, or in some cases, by FedEx insured ground delivery. Immediately upon shipment of your order, you will be sent an email shipping confirmation. On all UPS deliveries, our shipping confirmation will include a UPS tracking number which allows you to directly check the progress of your shipment online.

Shipments will be held at your local post office, or UPS shipping center, if you are not at your designated delivery location to receive your package. If you are not home when your delivery arrives, both USPS and UPS will leave you a notification indicating time and date of their attempted delivery.They are further required to make three delivery attempts during which time your package will be securely held at your local post office or UPS shipping center until you are able to pick up the shipment and sign a proof of delivery receipt.


What are your handling and shipping costs?

Answer:  Packaging and shipping costs are free on all orders of $10,000 or more. There is a flat shipping and insurance charge on orders of less than $10,000.


What are your insurance costs?

Answer:  Full insurance is provided as part of any shipping charge. For orders over $10,000, shipping and insurance is completely free.


Does Liberty Gold and Silver have a minimum order requirement?

Answer:  There are no MINIMUM order amounts for the majority of our products except:

    • All A–Mark and Sunshine Mint Silver Products – available for purchase in 500 OZ increments only
    • All British Royal Mint silver products – available for purchase in 500 OZ increments only
    • All Heraeus gold products – 25 OZ minimum order
    • All Heraeus silver products – 2,500 OZ minimum order
    • Heraeus ruthenium powder – sold in 50 OZ increments only


How soon will I receive my order?

Answer:  In almost all cases, you will receive your shipment within two weeks from the day your funds are verified by our bank (normally, electronic notification of funds received is available to us within two hours of posting to our account). For many products that you order, we ship within one to three days after funds are verified; on such occasions, your order will normally arrive within seven to ten days. In a very few instances (for extremely large orders or rare specialty requests), delivery may take longer than normal and our customer representatives will always tell you that in advance.


May I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Answer:  The short answer is “No.” PLEASE DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOU ARE FULLY PREPARED TO ENTER INTO A BINDING LEGAL CONTRACT TO PURCHASE PRECIOUS METALS. When you place your phone order with Liberty Gold and Silver, you will be given an Order Confirmation Number. Once you place your order and receive a confirmation number, you have entered into a legally binding contract. You are required to remit funds to us within one (1) business day from placement of your order. There are no cancellations or changes once a confirmation number has been issued. The details of your order which we recapitulate at the end of your call are recorded for our protection and can be used as evidence in small claims court if payment is not remitted as agreed upon.
Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before ordering.

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